Avon Ragnarok Online

Halloween Event Guide 2018

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TRICK OR TREAT ( Repeatable Quest)

  1.  To start the Quest go to NPC Viona [nif_in 168,90] at Niffleheim,  She will tell you to find Her Kid name Snail ( Trick ) at [xmas_in 89, 104].
  2. Go to NPC Snail [Trick], An he will play dice with you, if You win He will tell you what he wants [NPC Snail shows “CANDY”] and you should tell his mother to continue for next step. If you lose he will takes your Zeny for 1.000.000 and you should play again until you win so you can continue the quest.
  3. Back To NPC Viona, type in “CANDY”, then she will told you to find NPC Neferti  for makes some Sweet For Snail.
  4. Go  to NPC Neferti [lhz_in02 39, 219],  told her NPC Viona Send you to making some Sweet Cake. 
  5. She will give you the ingredients :ingredients: random 5 item and 1 fix item [ flour]  :
    Flour (Buy at NPC Neferti using 20 Poring Coin)
        Random Material will also show random amounts:
    -Acorn 50-150
    -Milk  50-150
    -Cheese  50-100
    -Yaga’s Pestle 50-150
    -Egg 50-150
    -Lemon 50-150
    -Strawberry 50-150
    -50-Grape 50-150
    -50-Kakao 50-120
    – Banana 100-120
    After you get all the ingredients She will makes the “Halloween Cakes”  and bring it to Snail.
  6. When you gives the cakes, Snail will throw it and said it not sweet enough, he wants something really sweet. Then Go back to Neferti.
  7. Told Neferti Snail Doesn’s like it, And Neferti will tell you to find his sister NPC Tressa (Treat) [Malaya 196 , 189] to get Snail’s Favourite Cakes.
  8. After meet Tressa, she tell you to  give her Chocolate Drinks  from Drinking machine [malaya 192, 188]. Put 10 Chocolates and 10 White Chocolates into the machine to make Chocolate Drink. 
    (* You can skip to make Chocolate Drinks if you have it on inventory also you can make it anytime on drinking machine). 
    (** Chocolate Drinks , Chocolate and White Chocolate can be get from Halloween Mobs).
  9. After you gives Her Chocolate Drinks, she will gives you the Cakes Ingredients (All Ingredients get from cookies Bag that drops by Halloween mobs ):
    – Piece of cake 20
    – Well baked cookie 20
    – Lucky Lolipop 15
    – Chocolate Drink 5
    – Candy bar 25
  10. After you submit all the Ingredients, She will gives you the cakes. Bring it to Snail.
    (*There’s a chances to get Treat Box when Treat makes a cakes)
    (**This part can be repeatable 5 times if Snail doesn’t like the cakes on next part)
  11. When you gives the cakes to Snail if he likes the cakes you can get Trickster Box and tell Viona to finish the Quest.
    If Snails doesn’t like you should back to Tressa to makes others cakes or if you have the cakes in your inventory you can continue without go back to Tressa and Snail will Invites you to play dice again. 
    (*If you win he will give you 2 random cookie bar(chances too get Trick box also), if lose he will nuked you(5 chances))
    (** There’s chances also he will said to direct told her Mother for finish the quest when you bring him the next cakes)
  12. Talk to Viona to finish the quest. You will get 1 Trick Box and Treat Box. (Finish)
Halloween Event NPC
Trickster Box
Treat Box


Trick Bathory
Item DropsRates
Cookies Bag75%
Popping candy Box3%
Str Biscuit5%
Agi Biscuit5%
Vit Biscuit5%
Int Biscuit5%
Dex Biscuit5%
Luk Biscuit5%
Costume: Witch’s Pumpkin Hat0.5%


Trick Jakk 
Item DropsRates
Cookies Bag75%
Popping candy Box3%
Str Biscuit5%
Agi Biscuit5%
Vit Biscuit5%
Int Biscuit5%
Dex Biscuit5%
Luk Biscuit5%
Costume: Gloomy Pumpkin Hat0.5%
  • Nameless Island : nameless_n
  • Niflheim Field 1&2 : nif_fild01 & nif_fild02
  • Cursed Abbey 1, 2 & 3 : abbey01 , abbey02 & abbey03
  • Payon Dungeon 1, 2, and 3 : pay_dun01, pay_dun02 & pay_dun03
  • Glast Heim Castle 01 & 02 : gl_cas01 & gl_cas02
  • Glast Heim Churchyard : gl_chyard
  • Glast Heim Chivalry 1 & 2 : gl_knt01 & gl_knt02
  • Glast Heim Underground Prison 1&2 : gl_prison & gl_prison1