Avon Ragnarok Online


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Avon Ragnarok Online 
is Renewal Private Server opened in 1 August 2018

Memorial Raid Mode 2

We revive Memorial Raid Mode from graveyard, for players or new players who didn't know about Memorial Raid Mode is custom dungeon which opened at certain time. Reward will be given on every stages. This event recommended for party play. Talk to NPC Memorial Raid Mode at Prontera for more details.

Raid Stage 1

Collect point by destroying Crystals and fight Arthur Abyss.

  • Buy Crystal Destroyer on the middle of map.
  • There is 120 Crystals around the map.
  • Raid Reward

    Raid Stage 2

    Kill Nekorings to get point and fight Great King Poring.

  • Black Nekoring is 1 point, Blue Nekoring is 2 points, Green Nekoring is 3 points and Pink Nekoring is 5 points.
  • There is 120 Crystals around the map.
  • Raid Reward

    Raid Stage 3

    Collect point from opening chests and fight Nightmare Golem.

  • Get random Red, Blue or Green Key on the middle of the map.
  • There is 90 Chests around the map and for open it the key and the chest must be match.
  • Raid Reward

    Guild Base

    AvonRO bring new features for Guild is called Guild Base or Guild House. Inside the Guild Base there is many duplicates NPC witch one is easy to access and for future on will add more custom Special NPC which only exist inside Guild House. You can get Guild Base by buy Guild House Key on Cash Shop. We only provide 9 Guild Bases at the moment. Talk to NPC Guild Base at Prontera to buy and check available Guild Base. For Guild Members who have Guild Base already can type @gbase to teleport instantly to Guild Base.

    Current Available NPCs on Guild Base

    • Guild Master Controller (Only for Guild Master)
    • Healer
    • Warper
    • Teleport Device
    • Kafra Employee (Only for Guild Members)
    • Main/Rental Dealer
    • WoE Information
    • Refine UI
    • All in One Shop (Poring Shop, Loyalty Shop and Badge Shop)
    • All in One Casino (Poring Slot Machine, VIP Daily Spin, Snail Roulette, etc)
    • King of Emperium
    • Training Area (Summon Dummy)
    • Autotrade Enable

    Custom Quest Wings (@quest)

    Item Requirements:

    1. 3x Piece of Queen’s Wing (Queen Scaraba, Gold Queen Scaraba)
    2. 1000x Soft Blade of Grass (Parasite, Boiled Rice, Angra Mantis)
    3. 450x Soft Feather (Gryphon, Owl Baron, Owl Duke, Skeggiold, Cornus, Parus, Cendrawasih)
    4. Angel Wings  (Angeling, Archangeling, Skeggiold)
    5. C Forgotten Angel Wings  (Infinite Space Shattered Magic Stone)
    6. 500x Poring Coin
    7. 5x Gold Bar
    8. 2x White Dyestuffs

    Avon Loyalty 7 Costume Wings

    New Costume Roulette

    New Extra Reward for Avon Slot Machine with 0.5% chance

    Merchant General add new menu (@ins)

    Added New Merchant "Avon Merchant" (@ins)


    • Healer/Warper, Change NPC Location in few towns.
    • Global Drops, Added Monthly Reward.
    • Initial Release of Guild Base.
    • Initial Release of Custome Roulette.
    • Gramps, All Gramps maps increases spawn rate and EXP Reward.
    • Plagiarism, Added New NPC  Plagiarism.
    • King of Emperium, Remove Friday on schedule now only Monday and Wednesday.
    • King of Emperium, Remove mapflag gvg_noparty (will ignore party alliances).
    • War of Emperium, Disable no multi client, means can multi client inside Castle.
    • King of Emperium Reward, Reduce chance for Guardian Ring of King from 10% to 5%.
    • Avon Slot Machine, Added C PRO 10th Cap as extra reward.
    • Daily Reward, Fixed Daily Reward Day 17 give wrong Item ID should be give 2x Convex Mirror instead of Kafra Card.
    • Healer, Increases Buff duration from 5 minutes to 7 minutes and VIP from 10 minutes to 14 minutes.
    • PvP Ladder, Change PvP Normal map to izlude.
    • Added Shadow on Character and NPC.


    • Loyalty Shop, Added Rudra Wing.
    • General Merchant – Biolab Nigtmare, Fixed Old Dying Swan Soul item requirement on 100% success chance should be use Archer Soul.
    • General Merchant, Added new menu Socket Enchant (Seiyablem)
    • Added new Merchant Avon Merchant.


    • Morocc Adult, Change Race to Demon and Element to Dark 2 following Divine Pride.
    • Geffen Fenrir, Added Weakened Fenrir Card on Drop List.
    • Abbey Dungeon, Update Drop List, Status and ATK following latest kRO/Divine Pride.
    • Peuz’s Seal and Ur’s Seal, Increases Drop Rate from 0.1% to 0.5% following latest kRO/Divine Pride.


    • Moonlight Flower, New pet from Memorial Raid Mode Reward.


    • CE Gift of Snow, Fixed.


    • Phreeoni Wings, Added.


    • Wings Quest, Added.


    • Sara’s Memory, Decreases All Foods Drop from 100% to 50%.
    • Old Glast Heim Hard, Fixed Realized Corrupted Soul Name,Mode, Element Level and Race following LimitRO.
    • Nightmarish Jitterbug, Fixed Hurry Mode.

    Item or Item Scripts

    • Illusion Long Mace, Corrected Attack Range from 1 cell to 3 cells.
    • Jitterbug Card, Fixed reduction against Neutral monster not work properly.
    • Luminous Blue Light Stone, Fixed Item Combo with Sharp1 and Sharp2 not work properly.
    • Mana Plus, Fixed didnt give MATK Bonus.
    • C Gold Butterfly Wing, Reduce increases physical damage inflicted/damage taken on Demihuman from 10% to 5% and All Stats from +5 to +3.
    • Calf Deathadder, Added English translation.
    • Valkyrie Manteau, Fixed malee reflect damage output but display still buggy.
    • Red Lantern, Added missing item script randomly a defeated monster will drop Alcohol, Detrimindexta or Karvodailnirol.
    • VIT Biscuit Stick, Corrected misinformation about Increases +11%~33% HP ??, to +11~33% HP Recovery Rate For 10 Minutes.
    • Phreeoni Wings, Restricted on Battleground and War of Emperium.


    • All Stripping Skills, Updated success rates and durations to match official.
    • Slug Shot(RL), Now give extra damage on Small, Medium and Large Size.