Avon Ragnarok Online


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Avon Ragnarok Online 
is Renewal Private Server opened in 1 August 2018

Zombie Survival

Zombie Survival

Survive until last round to get Reward.

  • The event hosted by GM Teams on weekend.
  • There is 10 Rounds.
  • Only Novice can join the event.
  • Raid Stage 4

    Collect point by Tame Mano.

  • Buy Mano Tamer on the middle of map.
  • There is 120 Manos around the map.
  • Random time between 5-10 seconds during Taming. You have 50% chance to fail and teleported to random area.
  • Raid Reward

    New Costume Roulette C

    New Item on Main Dealer


    • Guild Base, Added Duplicate NPC of Universal Rental.
    • Guild Base, Update Signboard on enterance.
    • Guild Base, Added new BGM.
    • Zombie Survival, Added New Event on Weekend Hosted by GM.
    • Added Megaphone on Cash Shop and Main Dealer.
    • Channels, Increases Delay Chat for #global to 5 minutes and the rest of Channels to 3 minutes.
    • Costume Roulette, Added Costume Roulette C pay by 2x Avon Coin with 30 random costumes.
    • Memorial Raid Mode, Change Poring Coin reward from 5x to 1x~5x.
    • Memorial Raid Mode, Added TAG [Raid Reward] for all items obtained by Raid.
    • Schedule switch for Event King of Emperium and Last Man Standing.


    • Merchant Phantasmagorica, Fixed Excellion Enchantment menu give wrong item name.
    • Merchant General, Fixed Fallen Angel Wing Enchantment.
    • Merchant General, Added Random Transform Scroll.


    • Turtle Dungeon, Update Drop List, Status and ATK following latest kRO/Divine Pride.


    • Alice, Corrected Item Description followin Divine Pride. MDEF +1, reduces damage recived from Demihuman by 1%.


    • Added Megaphone and Megaphone Box(10).
    • Added Divine Angel Nurse Cap.
    • Added LV5 Aspersio Scroll and LV5 Aspersio Scroll Box [10].


    • Illusion of Vampire, Removed Vampire’s Servant from Quest, that item not craftable.


    • Wolfchevs Laboratory, Enable official NPC to enter the instance.
    • Instance Weekly Quest, Fixed Reset Quest must be on Wednesday not on Tuesday.

    Item or Item Scripts

    • Old Driver Band(Yellow), Fixed item desc and script must be Each 4 refine increases the cooldown of Suicidal Destruction by 10 seconds instead of increase damage of Suicidal Destruction.
    • Ancilla, Fixed give wrong status.
    • Calf Diamond Back, Fixed If refine rate is 9 or higher, reduces SP consumption of [Round Trip] by 5%.
    • Gentle Heart, Added missing Enable Scream Lv3.
    • Orelans Glove, Change item restriction to tradeable.
    • Red Pom Band, Fixed increases magical damage and reduction against Player.
    • Rosary Necklace, Added new item and new combo with Divine Angel Nurse Cap.
    • Shadow Booster, Change item restriction to tradeable.
    • Luminous Blue Light Stone, Corrected item bonus for Critical+10.
    • Mega Sets, Disable partner trade.
    • Focus Baret, Fixed Increases Skill Cooldown item script.


    • White Imprison, Corrected Duration for target from 6,8,10,12,14 seconds to 10,12,14,16,18 seconds.
    • Revert changes for all Stripping Skills from previous patch note.